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Robi Axiata Limited is a more popular and largest network operating company in Bangladesh. After The Grameenphone Robi is the 2nd largest network operating company in Bangladesh. If you are a Robi network User this post will help you. You will know by this article about Robi all USSD Codes. like how to check balance, internet, minutes, data, number, and all Robi services. So Read this article carefully and know about How to check Robi Balance. 

Robi Self-service channel

If you are a Robi Network User you should know their self-service. We try to mention all information about to Robi Self-service Channel. If you want to know about Robi self-service you can read this full article.

  • My Robi App: Own mobile app for Android users and iOS users to provide customer care services.
  • Messenger Chatbot: Chatbot in Messenger named Aura.
  • WhatsApp Chatbot: Robi has the Chatbot Aura in WhatsApp mobile application.
  • Smart 1216: Smart 1216 is an innovative IVR channel where customers can manage their account through a simple audio-visual experience.
  • Single Digit USSD Codes: Customers of Robi Mobile Service can get some of the most essential services by dialing a 1-digit code.

Robi all USSD Codes (Single Digit)

Robi USSD code is very simple. If you know the ussd code then you can easily check Robi Balance and other services.  By using Robi 01 digit code, you can easily get some of the most popular desired services. Check out the ROBI all ussd single digit codes:

  • USSD Code Service Names
  • Minutes Bundle: *0#
  • Balance Check / Due bill check: *1#
  • Show own mobile number: *2#
  • Data (MB) Check: *3#
  • Internet Pack Purchase: *4#
  • Popular Vas activation/deactivation: *5#
  • Know your package/call tariff: *6#
  • DND (Stop/Start Promotional SMS): *7#
  • Jhotpot Balance/Air Credit: *8#
  • All VAS Stop Request: *9#
  • Show All Service: *123#
How To Check Robi Balance

Robi Mobile Balance Check Codes

If you are a ROBI user and want to check your present mobile balance, you have to use the following ROBI USSD codes

  • Robi Main Balance Check Code: Just Dial: *222#
  • Robi Bonus Amount Remaining Check Code: Just Dial *222*1#
  • SMS Check Code: Just Dial: *222*11#

Robi emergency balance check code/Jhotpot Emergency Balance

Maximum Sim company provide an emergency balance pack so that everyone use this balance in emergency time. If you run out of balance while talking, you can easily talk a little more with emergency balance on Robi. If you are a robi user, you will be able to check the Jhotpot Balance taka by dialing *1# or *222# (Free of charge).
If you want to check your outstanding balance just dial *8# and after that, you have to go to the account menu and press 1 to check Outstanding Balance. Or you may use the following codes:

  • Robi Emergency Balance check code: *8811*1# (Up to 100 Tk)
  • Robi’s remaining emergency balance check code: *222*16#
  • Robi Emergency Balance Service Stop Code: *8811*2#

How To Get an Emergency Balance in Robi?

  • Emergency internet data code: *8811*1*1*1# to activate Robi JHOTPOT service then again dial *8811*11 to get 25MB data @ Tk 10 (validity 3 days)
  • To check Robi’s emergency internet balance just dial to *123*3*5#

How to check Robi 4G SIM and Mobile?

  • Please dial *123*44# to find out if your SIM is 4.5G enabled or not.

Robi Number check code

  • Number Check: *2# or *140*2*4#

Robi Internet Balance Check Process

  • Robi internet balance check code: *8444*88#
  • MB Balance Check Code *3#
  • Robi internet help service code: *8444#

Robi Call Waiting Code

  • If you want to activate the Robi call waiting for service, you need to dial: *43#
  • When you want to stop ROBI call waiting service, just dial: #43#

Robi Call Divert On/Off Service Code

  • If you want to activate the Robi call divert service, you have to dial : *21* Focus Number #
  • You can easily deactivate the Robi call divert Service by dialing: #21#
  • All call divert code: *21*8121#
  • All call divert off code: #21#

Robi Incoming Call Off/ Barring Incoming Call

  • You can get-off incoming calls, just dial: *35*0000#
  • If you want to ao activate your incoming call again, just dial: #35*0000#

Robi offer check code (Bundle & Voice Packs)

If you are a robi user and want to check your internet balance, please use the following codes:

  • dial *3#, to check on-net minute
  • dial *222*2#, to check off-net minutes
  • dial *222*9#, to check SMS
  • dial *222*12#

All of the above combo packs can purchase the prepaid customers and prepaid Robi subscribers can purchase data packs by recharge only.

Balance Check Codes:

  • Main Account Balance is *1#
  • Own Mobile Number check code is *2#
  • Bundle Minutes check code is *222*2#
  • Internet/Bonus Internet check code is *3#

Robi Customer Care Numbers (Robi Mobile All USSD Codes)

  • Robi complain number: 158 (Toll-Free)
  • Robi help center number: 123
  • Robi help center number for others networks: +88 01819-400 400
  • Robi customer care email:
  • Robi Website: 

Robi online shop (robi shop)

Robishop Address:
Robi Corporate Office, 53 Gulshan Ave, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Robishop-Facebook Page:
Robi shop contact number: 09610-000888

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