Primary job preparation 2022

Primary job preparation 2022 is very important for those who like primary teacher jobs and want to get this job. If you want to do Primary teacher work you must need primary job preparation. Primary teacher job exam recruitment is tested in 2 steps. First, you have to take the written test. If you pass the written exam then you have to take the Viva test. So to get a primary teacher job primary job preparation is very important. It will be very tough to get a primary school teacher job without a primary preparation job.

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Primary job preparation 2022 in Bangladesh

The primary teacher job is the most popular job in Bangladesh. Maximum people like this dream job. If you are also like this job start preparing from now. It is very important for you. We are including here all information about the preparation primary job. After applying they give an exam date you have to attend this exam. In that test, an MCQ test of 100 marks will be held. There will be questions about general knowledge of Bangla, English, and Maths. You have to pass this exam for get this job.

Which Subjects will be tested?

There are mainly tested in Bangla, English, Math,s and General knowledge. The topics that will be tested are discussed below.

Primary job preparation 2022

There will be questions from math

Math is a very hard subject for many people. We should practice more and more to pass in primary assistant teacher job exam. So practice more and more below the topics.

  • Proportion and average
  • The number of boats and currents
  • The number of the mixture
  • Work Numbers (Unit Rules)
  • Profit loss
  • Centuries, interest rates
  • Value Determination and Set (Algebra)
  • Generator (Algebra)
  • Father and son
  • Parallel section and multiplication section
  • The number of four children
  • Geometry: You can make lines, angles, circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, trapeziums, etc.

Which books to read – Class Six-Eight Mathematics, George Math Review (MP3), Khairul’s Basic Math (for the weak), and professor’s series. You can also buy books of your choice.

Which Topic is tested in English

English is very important for all government job exams. To get any government job you have to must capable of English. If you are weak in English we recommend that take a look at last year’s primary teacher exam questions and read this carefully. Let’s discuss which topic is tested in English.

  • Time And Tense

There will be no question outside of these. In the book ENGLISH FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMS, you will find the topics of Chapter Wise. You can follow any other book.


Bangla is comparatively more difficult than other subjects. So it should not be taken lightly, it must be read seriously. Usually there are more questions from the following chapters so you will get 100% common from these chapters, there will be no questions outside of this.

  • Gender
  • Tomorrow
  • Language
  • Symptoms
  • In a word
  • Factor and declension
  • Samas
  • Anusarga
  • Spelling correction
  • Treaty separation
  • Synonyms
  • The opposite word
  • Proverbs
  • Natva and Sattva Vidha
  • Nature and suffix

All important writers and writers including Rabindranath Tagore / Kazi Nazrul Islam will not miss this question if they read these topics.

Primary job preparation booklist

  • Class six to ten General textbook
  • Professor’s primary recruitment guide
  • Oracle Primary Recruitment Guide
  • Panjeree Primary recruitment guide
  • Gangriho Prokashoni Primary recruitment guide.
  • Professor’s job solution
  • Current affairs
  • Read an MP3 series book for taking govt primary school teacher exam.

Number distribution of primary teacher examination

The total marks in the exam will be 100 out of which 80 marks will be allotted for 80 MCQ and 20 marks for viva.

Primary teacher job exam manbonton

80 MCQ will be held

  • Bangla 20 marks
  • math 20 marks
  • English 20 marks
  • General knowledge 20 marks and
  • Viva 20 marks