How to Start Preparing for A Government Job?

Greetings from BDEJOB. Today we will discuss, how to start preparation for a government job. Institutional exams and government job exams are not the same. A lot of things become random in the job test. Even the known things seem unknown then. So the preparation for the government job has to be done a little better. Because even if you get less than a couple of marks in the institutional exam, you may get first class. But in the job test you have to lose the job for number one or two.
We see the publication of various government recruitment circulars all the time. The recruitment test method is almost the same, if different methods are observed in the field. It is very important to know about the recruitment process of BARD (Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development) or their recruitment test questions. So how to start preparing for a government job – this is the big question. Let’s go to the discussion.

How to Start Preparing for A Government Job?

There are usually four categories of questions in any job test. Such as Bengali, English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. There are also occasional questions on information technology in a different way now. That too is generally considered in the general knowledge category. Now let’s talk about what you need to know.

Bengali Literature and Grammar

Notable poets and writers need to know about life and literary work, history of Bengali language and literature. More questions come from the author of a story, poem or novel.

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In the grammar part, words, parts of speech, subject-declension, prefix-suffix, conjunction, correct spelling should be read. Questions can also come from antonyms, idioms, expressions in one word. For this, it is better to learn the lessons and examples of all the chapters of the ninth-tenth grade grammar book prepared by the board.


Must have a clear idea about basic grammar. Read Preposition, Antonym, Synonym, Parts of Speech, Tense, Spelling, Right forms of verb, Transformation, Voice, Narration. Usually more questions come from Spelling, Right forms of verb, Antonym, Synonym. A good idea can be found by looking at the question papers of teacher recruitment exams of the last few years.
From four prepositions to spaces. Which sits, which sentence is correct in the judgment of grammar, which is correct, such questions often come up in Indirect Speech? You can read elementary teacher recruitment guides, professor’s job solutions and good quality grammar books for practice. And it will be useful to practice writing important words in the notebook.
General Mathematics
Many people spend a lot of time figuring out how to solve math problems. Be aware of this. Mathematics books for sixth to eighth and ninth-tenth classes of old syllabus should be followed. HSC level books should also be seen. Scientific calculators cannot be taken. It is foolish to use a simple calculator all the time due to lack of time.
Mathematical preparation should be done in such a way that most of the math can be solved orally, it is possible only by practicing repeatedly. Questions may arise from interest-calculation, unit rules, profit-loss, fractions, sequences, and some of the numbers in the first stage of algebra. Many times the decimal factor is divided. The question also comes from the general formulas and definitions of geometry.
General Knowledge
Recently, questions have been raised about the independence of Bangladesh, the history of its rise, and national issues. Questions about South Asia and Asia are more common in the international arena. Questions come from sports, international organizations, awards, days, etc. General science and technology related questions such as various discoveries, diseases, and different food quality, and computer, information and communication technology questions may come.
Today’s world, MP3, New World can be read for the preparation of general knowledge Krishna In recent times there are more questions from Bangladesh. In particular, the events that took place in the national and international world in one year should be given more importance. For this you have to read General Knowledge Monthly Current Affairs or Current World.
Final Words If you take the above points seriously, you will be able to easily understand how to start preparing for a government job. It is not easy to get a government job, if you want to get a government job, it is very important that you practice regularly.

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